Cloud service selection, migrations, and daily management

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Cloud services management

Cloud computing and cloud services can mean a lot of things these days depending on how you utilize them. Public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud? There are a lot of cloud choices out there. How you select, configure, integrate and deploy them will significantly impact your business. With so many solution providers making it affordable and simple for you to migrate your line of business applications into the cloud it is easy to forget that once you're there it still needs to be managed on a day to day basis.

Companybuilt's cloud management practice allows for peace of mind. Simply choose a solution, or let us help you, and we will develop the understanding of your business requirements and manage the cloud solutions you've chosen to fit your exact requirements.

We are partnered with the best cloud solution providers and understand how they work. We will help you with everything cloud based including selecting the proper solution, to the day to day management of the services and end user support.