Network and Server Management

Just like a vehicle, your business network requires proactive maintenance for performance and reliability.
Network Service

A high performing and reliable network is a requirement in today's fast paced business environment. System downtime and inefficiencies are directly reflected in a company's bottom line and can significantly impact customer service. To prevent issues in your technical operations it's necessary to ensure that the business is utilizing the correct technologies to support and foster growth along with developing a maintenance plan to ensure those systems are continuously performing optimally.

Proactive management of your network and server environment is key to maintaining a reliable computing infrastructure. Whether local or cloud based, a proactive network management program coupled with Companybuilt's procurement and strategic consulting services is ideal for keeping your systems fresh and staff functioning at their best.

"Having used several other IT companies prior to working with Companybuilt, we are delighted to have finally found an IT company that fully understands our needs and objectives. They have delivered numerous IT solutions that have been perfect us whilst keeping costs to a minimum. They are extremely knowledgeable and professional. I would not hesitate to recommend them."
David Coltman
Business Office Manager, IQC, LLC