Business data backup, disaster recovery plan, and business continuity...

Like all insurance, a solid business data backup plan and solution is key to avoiding a catastrophe. From fast recovery to off site business continuity solutions we provide the right solution for your peace of mind.
Peace of Mind

All data backup solutions are not alike. It's critical that a company deploy the proper solution to fit their specific need and budget. Backup solutions run the gambit of offerings from a simple external disk, tape, or onsite device to a complex hybrid solution that is both locally installed and store information securely off site in case of a fire or burglary. We work with a variety of Tier 1 solution providers to get our clients the right solution and to assist them with designing and testing a disaster recover (DR) or business continuity plan.

Some business can afford downtime and others can not. These requirements will determine the necessary solution that needs to be put into place. At Companybuilt we advocate, when possible, that our clients implement a solution that offers both a local and off site hybrid solution. If things go wrong, the data can be easily retrieved from a local backup. If things go really wrong (server theft), the data and server can both be accessed remotely.

If you have any questions regarding your backup solution, or would like to talk to us about designing and implementing a plan for your data simply let us know how we can help.

Local Data Backup


A local backup methodology that allows for quick file recovery.

Remote Data Backup


A remote solution that backup's local data allowing for file recovery and disaster planning.

Local Plus Remote Backup


A local and remote hybrid solution that backups your files and stores your server, or workstation, as an bootable image. Provides for near instant file restoration with both local and remote access to a server that is down, or destroyed.